Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Training Programs

What drives us is the excitement of seeing an individual or an organisation achieve their potential. We spend generous time tailoring our work to ensure that at the completion of the program the goals of the individual or organisation are being realised

LEA Group uses action oriented, reflective learning leadership development methods, focused on transference of learning effectively into the workplace.

Neuroscience Of Leadership

Recent research suggests that by understanding the function of the brain, learning styles and preferences, we can be more effective in all communication, change management, performance management and in coaching and mentoring.

Leading a High Functioning Team

Analysis of current team effectiveness with practical steps to overcome five common dysfunctions and enhance team performance. View LEA Group’s one page Team Tune Up

Becoming a Coaching Leader

Contemporary organisations require leaders who foster collaboration, build trust, and engage teams in an environment of shared performance goals – Becoming a Coaching Leader provides practical skills to GROW the human potential of your team.

Effective Communication Skills

Identifying current communication strengths, building on these with five proven communication skills that ensure improved collaboration and stronger relationships, including developing assertiveness and self reflection.

Developing Leader Effectiveness

Introduction to the five practices and ten commitments of exemplary leadership (Kouzes and Posner) with practical steps to apply these to the team context

Building Emotional Capital

Understanding and developing emotional capital of the leader and their team with practical strategies for improved performance

Influencing Skills

Exploring and practising skills for creating buy-in when dealing with peers and senior managers including negotiation, sphere of influence and creating powerful networks

Leading Change

Identifying models for effective change, practically applying strategies to current change challenges to achieve improved outcomes for the entire team

Effective Conflict Conversations

Manage those difficult situations and people with powerful conflict management tools.

Understanding Yourself and Others

A greater understanding of behavioural style of self and others leads to marked improvement in communication, trust and team cohesion


Applying proven approaches to achieve emotional balance, manage stress, and improve motivation of self and others through autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Performance Feedback that Builds Ownership

Establishing an environment of team ownership of performance, proven strategies for regular and one-off performance conversations that achieve results

Managing Priorities, Being Fully Present

Breaking the cycle of ‘overwhelmed’, establishing clear priorities in the midst of multiple demands, practical steps to stay on track, fully present, and giving your best

 Leading from your Strengths

Discovering your signature strengths, practical strategies for applying your strengths every day in business leadership, and direct these initiatives towards achieving your key goals

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