Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most effective ways to create dynamic and focused leaders within organisations. These tailored executive coaching programs consist of a series of planned and structured one-on-one meetings between an external coach and an executive. These sessions are aimed at enhancing executive performance, achieving improved business results and also creating sustained behavioural change. Coaching is future focused and results oriented. At the core of LEA Group’s approach is the belief that through coaching, executives can achieve greater levels of performance and further develop their potential

The benefits of coaching for the individual executive, their team and the organisation have been reliably established by research.

Executive Benefits Organisation and Team Benefits
  • Leverage existing strengths
  • Improve self efficacy and performance
  • Think, plan and act in new ways
  • Manage responses to tough situations
  • Develop competence and learning edge
  • Implement sustained behaviour changes
  • Transfer executive learning into results for the business
  • Improve engagement and retention of top staff
  • Enhance team relationships and communication
  • Improve succession planning
  • Risk manage organisational ‘hot spots’

Executive Coaching programs may range from a short term engagement with one executive to provision of a long term coaching panel for the senior team of an entire organisation.

For Individual Executive Programs Typically an executive’s experience of coaching will include

  • Meeting to establish rapport, define scope and plan
  • Initial diagnostic or behavioural assessment
  • One-on-one coaching sessions at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks either in person or by telephone
  • Specific and relevant action plans
For Organisational Programs LEA Group work with the CEO or HR manager to develop targeted programs to address organisational culture, performance objectives and development goals.The coaching program can be integrated effectively with other organisational initiatives (training programs, staff surveys, performance metrics) to provide a seamless approach to executive leadership and wellness.

LEA Group’s coaching quality assurance processes facilitate quality delivery of coaching to executives and their development in accordance with organisational goals. These processes are tailored to each organisation and include:


Documented procedures for commencement of coaching and profiling of participants


Monthly reporting to the organisation on coaching activity by department


Regular participant evaluation of coaching and feedback to the organisation


Regular liaison with HR manager to adapt the coaching processes in response to organisational trends

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