When the need for change and growth is evident, and the desire for action is present, the right resource is vital to enable the development process. With so many resources in the marketplace, we wanted to create a selection of tools that can add practical value for leaders. Based on our broad experience, we at LEA Group have developed a Resource Toolkit to assist leaders in business and organisations. These resources are available for everyone looking to develop their leadership edge in today’s business world, because everybody can learn something from another’s journey.

These resources have been presented in three categories:


Leadership Resources and Tools – a collection of one-page models and tools designed to be quickly implemented for powerful results. For leaders across all industries, there’s certainly something here for everybody.


Assessment Profiles – specialised assessment profiles for individuals and teams that provide a solid basis for development. These resources help leaders to identify learning needs and opportunities for growth .


Books – Our recommended reading list. The books and e-books featured here are ones we believe can resource leaders to remain current with leadership best practice in our rapidly changing world

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