Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

Flexible programs for leaders focused on transferring learning effectively into the workplace.

Like most organisations, we expect you’re looking for more than training. You’re focused on providing breakthroughs that will improve the way your teams communicate, perform and thrive within your organization. LEA Group’s workshops go beyond training to provide the actionable insights and practiced skills needed to develop leaders and enhance team performance.

We work with you to identify relevant learning outcomes you seek, and we customize the learning experience for your team. Then, our executive coaches lead your team through an engaging and interactive workshop, facilitating learning, insight and inspiration. All workshops focus on developing actionable plans to carry learnings forward for long-term results.

Some of LEA Group’s suite of programs:

Understanding Yourself and Others
Developing a deeper understanding of behavioural style of self and others leads to marked improvement in communication, trust and team cohesion

Powerful Influencing Skills
A proven pattern for applying multiple influencing strategies to a current challenge

Creating Ownership and Empowerment
Engaging your team with greater levels of ownership that enhance performance outcomes

High Leverage Conversations
Approaching the challenging conversations with skills to create a shared outcome

Navigating Conflict for Positive Outcomes
Learning models for navigating conflict and practicing skills to enable positive and effective outcomes.

Leading Change Effectively
Exploring the challenges with leading change, and developing a plan for holistic change implementation

Building personal and Team Resilience
In a busy and often demanding workplace, having strategies to support and grow resilience is essential.

Incorporating Mental Health First Aid into your Workspace
The ability to understand the different states of mental health and being able to apply basic strategies confidently to those in need while awaiting professional aid where necessary.

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