Kristen Dunn

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Leadership & Development Coach, Kristen Dunn

Kristen is a Leadership & Development Coach who works with existing, emerging and aspiring
leaders to set, guide and drive them to achieve their personal and professional goals.
With over four years of leadership and development coaching and facilitation experience, and 15
years working in support of executives and senior leaders across industry (Rail), Government and
small business, she has developed a strong skill set to bring out the very best in those who choose to
work with her.

Having worked closely alongside executive and senior management, but not in management herself,
she has had her finger on the pulse and has acted as a conduit between management and ‘the floor’,
privy to the thoughts and inner workings of both.

Kristen has an innate ability to draw people out, build a rapport and gain the trust and respect of
leaders managers and clients leaders who may find it difficult to open up or who are not used to
being coached. Her coaching style has been described as:

  • down to earth
  • insightful
  • calming
  • non judgemental
  • authentic
  • relaxed
  • real

Outcome focussed, she actively partners with those she works with – speaking their language, asking the right questions, respectfully challenging the status quo, expanding what is possible. She has had a great deal of success with people who have moved from being the doer of things/the technical expert (left brained, analytical, process driven, ordered, structured), to being the leader of those same people. One speciality is coaching those within the engineering industry.

Often the people Kristen has worked with feel siloed/limited to one career path and are not aware that their skills are transferrable. Kristen opens peoples’ eyes to other opportunities within an organisation and helps build the confidence and courage to look beyond what they thought possible. On many occasions she has worked with these same people through several steps along their development journey, providing those organisations she works with, with long standing, highly skilled managers and leaders.

Kristen has a creative background and will often find herself strolling through art galleries and embracing her seldom quiet times in nature.

Professional Summary



Emotional Intelligence – developing social and personal awareness to support overcoming challenges, improving motivation and empathy for, not only themselves but those they are leading.


Delegation – letting go of the responsibility of producing, to now coaching and developing the skills of others.


Resilience – overcoming fears, removing limiting benefits, learning from their own experience with poor managers, work-life balance, certainty, leading through times of change and growth.


Influencing – creating a respected reputation by emulating the positive role models they’ve had throughout their career, enabling the transformation of opinions of others when hierarchical control is not available, identifying potential challenges, making decisions, and taking ownership.


Career progression – identifying the current skills, developing a road map to building their leadership qualities and skill set, being open to new/wider opportunities, growing in confidence to take the next step on their career journey.



Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching – Swinburne University


Masters of Management (Human Resources) – Central Queensland University


Bachelor of Visual Arts – Queensland College of Art (Griffith University)


Mental Health First Aid – St John Ambulance


Associate Diploma of Business Hospitality – Southbank TAFE



Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation


Leadership Circle Profile Certification – The Leadership Circle


Facilitator – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Franklin Covey


Facilitator – Leading at the Speed of Trust – Franklin Covey

Leadership Education Australia


5 Hurlstone St Wishart
Queensland, 4122


0412 190192