About Us

Introducing LEA Group

Our small team of highly skilled and talented individuals drawn from a range of professional and industry backgrounds are united in a shared conviction – leaders in organisations can be supported to grow, to become more, and to release their hitherto untapped potential.

We are aware of the feeling of leading in a world that is moving fast and is more chaotic and disrupted, and less predictable than ever. We observe in multiple contexts the rapidly growing levels of complexity in our world – many more interacting parts moving more quickly than any human has ever had to deal with before. We recognise the relentlessly growing expectations on leaders who live with overwhelm never far away.

In response to these demands, we formed LEA Group to nurture leaders and teams in their journey of development. We have enjoyed the amazing privilege of seeing leaders access their untapped potential to make a greater impact in their professional and personal lives – be it in business, government or not-for-profit organisations.

We bring a unique blend of skill and also competence to our clients, bringing real industry experience with a solid academic base, while keeping abreast with current best practice in our field.

about us

Our Core Principles


A clear ‘why’ is a solid foundation


To understand leadership is to understand yourself


Valuing a profound connection with others

Meet Our Team

We are a passionate team of individuals dedicated to releasing the untapped potential of your leaders to achieve a strategic competitive advantage in today’s complex world.

Graham Hill

Executive Coach

Robyn Hargreaves


Kristen Dunn

Leadership & Development Coach

Leadership Education Australia


5 Hurlstone St Wishart
Queensland, 4122


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