Motivational studies conducted over many years in different countries and in different sectors show a surprising similarity in terms of identifying what motivates people in the workplace. When identifying the top ten motivators, pay and conditions tend to consistently come in around sixth to eighth. At the top of the list of factors that motivate workers are: acknowledgement, achievement, recognition, and doing something useful and beneficial. This is the foundation of belonging, identity and purpose.

When people sense that a leader is clear about what is important to them and is consistent in all they do and say, a level of comfort develops which enhances the potential for an individual to work at their best levels and to achieve beyond their capacity. That comfort is reflected in their enthusiasm for the organisation, in their willingness to go the extra mile when asked, and in their commitment to achieving what is best for the organisation. Individuals develop a sense of their own importance within the organisation – whether they are very senior, very junior or anywhere else in the hierarchy. Values driven leadership creates a sense of belonging, a sense of identity, and a sense of purpose.

 Extract from Values Driven Leadership by Peter Evans and Doug Hargreaves

Where businesses offer these three unique perspectives to their staff, they achieve consistently superior outcomes. Effective coaching of individuals and teams embeds the sense of belonging, the sense of identity and the sense of purpose deep within the environment of the business. Take a moment to reflect on the barometer of your team:

Belonging – team members feel I am a valued part of the team, I make a worthwhile contribution, I am accountable

Identity – team members feel I am valued for who I am, I am supported to believe my worth, I feel good about myself

Purpose – team members feel I have a goal, we are going somewhere, my effort achieves something meaningful

What will you do differently this week to raise the sense of belonging, identity and purpose in your team?