Business Strategy

“He who has a thorough knowledge of his own conditions a well as the conditions of the enemy is sure to win battles. He who has a thorough knowledge of his own conditions but not the conditions of the enemy has an even chance of winning and losing a battle. He who has neither a thorough knowledge of his own conditions nor of the enemy’s is sure to lose in every battle.”
Sun Tzu. 500BC. Chinese Military Leader
Strategic analysis, strategic planning, strategy development and strategy implementation are fundamental to successful business operation, be it in the private, the not-for-profit, or the government sector.

The critical component of developing strategy is to understand the contextual relationship within which it occurs, since strategy is specific to a particular setting and organisation. Attempting to apply generic strategy principles in all situations does not work. A clear understanding of the organisation and how it functions, its culture, and its history is the precursor to determining the appropriate strategic approach for that organisation.

Some of the strategic involvements of LEA Group include:

  • Developing long term strategy for local government
  • Heading up a strategic planning process for state government
  • Developing and implementing a strategy for the creation of a wholesale business
  • Analysis, development and implementation of a strategy for a retail business
  • As CEO taking a failing business to success through strategic initiatives
  • Lecturing in Strategic Management, Strategy Planning and Development and Strategy Analysis into an MBA program.
  • Writing the strategy subjects for an MBA program
  • Writing strategic plans for various businesses

The keys to successful strategy consulting are

  • The art and skill of listening.
  • Clearly understanding the aims and goals of the organisation;
  • Becoming totally aware of the needs and aspirations of the organisation and its key players;
  • Creating opportunities for all players to contribute to the   strategy process.

These are some of the inherent conditions that lead to the development of effective strategy which has the potential to fully realise the aspirations of the organisation’s leadership.