Leading from Your Strengths

 A half-day workshop to energise your team with using their strengths to pursue their calling

I do not believe that you should devote overly much effort to correcting your weaknesses. Rather I believe that the highest success in living and deepest emotional satisfaction come from building and using your signature strengths…Martin Seligman

In Leading from Your Strengths your team will:

  • Explore the science of positive psychology, including what is authentic happiness
  • Discover what are Signature Strengths, including YOUR Signature Strengths
  • Develop practical strategies for applying your strengths every day in business leadership
  • Explore the synergies created by diverse strengths throughout the team
  • Formulate an Action Plan to direct these initiatives towards achieving key goals and pursuing your calling

Includes a detailed signature strength profile for each team member and workbook with practical action plan.

Generally 3.5 hours duration, can be conducted in a morning or afternoon, can be adapted to individual workplace requirements

Graham Hill

0412 190192