Consistently Moving Toward Your Chosen Future

Personal growth and development is often difficult, whether you’re trying to change a behaviour, an attitude, or your current circumstances. The process is likely to be more “start, stop, start” than the smooth transition you’d like it to be, as willpower flags and as other priorities vie for your attention.

Recently I participated in a facilitated conversation where a group of professionals from finance, mining/engineering and not-for-profit work-shopped the topic ‘Achieving Meaningful Change’. They each shared tips, insights and obstacles, creating an enriching discussion that left us each energised to pursue our chosen future. I have included a summary of the insights that may inspire you also. Continue reading

Belonging Identity Purpose

Motivational studies conducted over many years in different countries and in different sectors show a surprising similarity in terms of identifying what motivates people in the workplace. When identifying the top ten motivators, pay and conditions tend to consistently come in around sixth to eighth. At the top of the list of factors that motivate workers are: acknowledgement, achievement, recognition, and doing something useful and beneficial. This is the foundation of belonging, identity and purpose. Continue reading

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