Seeing Yourself as Others See You

Google CEO Eric Schmidt explains about his experience with a coach:

One thing people are never good at, is seeing themselves as others see them.

You can watch Eric’s 40 second clip of an executive’s view of coaching here

With the rapidly increasing complexity of demands facing corporate leaders, one-on-one coaching by a trusted professional has become the favoured pathway for development for many executives and business leaders. The outcomes of effective coaching have been widely established: as well as the growing self-awareness identified by Eric Schmidt, leaders have attested to effective people management, better relationships with managers, improved productivity, increased engagement, and more effective communication.

An important question remains for many leaders… what do I look for in a leadership coach? The actual competencies and skills of effective coaches have been researched and a number of coaching associations have a version eg International Coach Federation , however the person attributes are often harder to define. Continue reading

You Have the Power

You Have the Power!


One of the major issues raised in coaching business leaders is that of effectively influencing others in (and beyond) their organisation. Some leaders are frustrated by a seeming lack of influence over their own team’s… Continue reading

Solution Focused Leadership

The solution-focused approach is a conscious and deliberate approach to changing the way you view situations and circumstances. It represents a shift from causes to future actions, from giving directions to helping others find solutions. As you adopt solution-focused coaching, this will enable your team to access and apply the wealth of skills, experience, and expertise that is often hidden. It helps them find individual and creative solutions to the situations they face in their role. Continue reading

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