Here’s a thought…it’s mid-year now – how many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you managed to keep?

Are you currently donating funds on a regular basis to your local gym – and yet not utilizing the resources in return?

Are you managing to keep Cadbury afloat during this time of recession, and damn the pimples?

Still not calling your Mother as regularly as you promised yourself you would?

Why do we fail? 

Why is it that we start out with such well-defined, good intentions and yet fall so quickly by the wayside? Why are we still eating junk food when we promised ourselves we would quit!

Why is it, when we know just what we want to do, what we NEED to do, we just don’t DO it?

This question extends, of course, well beyond the doomed New Year’s Resolutions – this can apply to any Goal you set yourself.  To understand why we fail so spectacularly and on so many occasions, we need to understand one simple thing – the answer to success lies with motivation.


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