Graham Hill

Expanding your leadership Influence

The ability to influence strategically and effectively is vital for leaders in business today. Influence with others generally flows from one of the five vbases of power identified by John French and Bertram Raven. in 1959.


Today we’ll unpack… Continue reading

Belonging Identity Purpose

Motivational studies conducted over many years in different countries and in different sectors show a surprising similarity in terms of identifying what motivates people in the workplace. When identifying the top ten motivators, pay and conditions tend to consistently come in around sixth to eighth. At the top of the list of factors that motivate workers are: acknowledgement, achievement, recognition, and doing something useful and beneficial. This is the foundation of belonging, identity and purpose. Continue reading

Solution Focused Leadership

The solution-focused approach is a conscious and deliberate approach to changing the way you view situations and circumstances. It represents a shift from causes to future actions, from giving directions to helping others find solutions. As you adopt solution-focused coaching, this will enable your team to access and apply the wealth of skills, experience, and expertise that is often hidden. It helps them find individual and creative solutions to the situations they face in their role. Continue reading

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